Tracking outbound clicks

How to track outbound clicks

There are several ways to track links leaving your website, but none are as simple or as easy as Track The Click. If you’ve found us, you’ve probably been Googling around the web looking for all the different ways to track clicks leaving your site. Some of the ways you can measure and monitor external links include:

  • Using custom JS onClick events – relatively easy but hard to deploy across a whole website in seconds
  • Using Google Tag Manager – powerful but complex for the average user
  • Using other third party plugins – but ouch, look at those prices…

Track The Click is a simple lightweight WordPress plugin that you can deploy to your site in a few seconds and get using instantly. No fuss, no complexity, no huge costs. In fact, the basic plugin and functions are 100% free! You can grab the free plugin here.

Why track outbound clicks?

Improve affiliate link performance

By tracking and recording where and how your visitors click and leave your site, you can optimize your website and pages for increased affiliate revenue.

Demonstrate advertising value

If you have website sponsors or advertisers, the external click data can be invaluable. Your clients might not be sophisticated enough to check their own website analytics, so you can provide them with the data yourself; how well did the ad perform, how many users left your sites for theirs through the ad in question. From that they can develop a Return On Investment number for the cost of your campaign.

See where your site visitors go next

If the bulk of your visitors are leaving your website for a specific destination – maybe there’s room for extra content on your own site? Why send your traffic elsewhere if you can meet their needs yourself.

See which pages are driving external traffic

Using the Track The Click plugin you can review which of your website posts and pages are sending the most external traffic. These may be potential sources of new affiliate revenue.

Why Track The Click?

Simple. Easy. Quick.

Once you install the plugin you can begin tracking clicks within 60 seconds. You don’t need to subscribe to our site, our newsletter, or any other signup form. Download, install, start.

Made by bloggers for bloggers

We made the plugin because we were also frustrated by the lack of ways of track clicks on our site. Track The Click is the result of that frustration.

Free and lightweight

The basics of the plugin are 100% free. The plugin is also made with site speed first and foremost in mind. We won’t add 1000s of lines of bloated code to your website.

Data insights

We’re constantly working to show you as much data around your link click as possible. What time of the day was the click? What page did the click leave on, what was the anchor of that click? We’re always looking to add more and more data too.

Help us improve

If you have suggestions for how we can improve the Track The Click plugin, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email and we might be able to implement your feedback!