If you’re having problems with the plugin, we recommend you start by reading the following FAQ. It answers the most common questions and queries we receive about the plugin.

Is Track The Click free?

The basic functions of the plugin are free, that includes:

  • Unlimited click tracking
  • Local tracking and reporting
  • Send your data to Google Analytics for tracking and reporting
  • View clicks by date/time

Our Pro version costs $25 per year for a single license, or $50 year for an unlimited license. The Pro version unlocks a number of features aimed at helping affiliates better understand their website and money generating pages. Features include:

  • Identify and track affiliate links
  • Money view – shows only your affiliate links
  • Auto affiliate disclosure – show automated disclosures next to your affiliate links
  • Affiliate audit scan – find all the affiliate links on your site to review old pages and posts

How accurate is the tracking?

In developing the plugin we spent several months testing different methods of tracking link clicks (we settled on using web beacons). We then tested the click data against a number of other tools and plugins available for link tracking on WordPress. In all instances we were able to match or beat the number of links tracked. We also spent some time reconciling outbound clicks with inbound web server hits to be sure everything matched up. We believe Track The Click is the most accurate tracker available right now.

The local tracking of clicks should always be the most accurate report. The click data is recorded instantly and locally to your host server. No data needs to be sent externally. Speaking of which…

Why does my local data not match Google Analytics data

This is the main question we answer, and the truthful answer is there’s lots of reasons. Your local data will always be the most accurate record of what links were clicked and when. Once the plugin tries to then communicate that data to Google Analytics (GA) a number of issues can creep in that might disrupt the accounting:

  • AV / Malware blocking / Ad blockers – all these might interrupt the plugins attempts to send data from your site to the Google servers
  • Network connection issues
  • Delayed GA reporting – GA does not immediately report data, be aware there is a slight lag

Is Track The Click local data realtime?

For the most part yes. Someone clicks a link and the data is recorded instantly in a local database then shown in your reporting tools. That said, in rare circumstances there can be times when the host server might be unable to record data right away. In those instances, the data is temporarily held by the plugin and reconciled shortly after.

Where do I see my click data in Google Analytics

Once you have GA integration enabled, Track The Click will start sending click data to GA. You can find that data by navigating to Behavior -> Events -> Top Events. From there click on Outbound Links and clicks after that – hey presto – you should see your click data:

Google Analytics click trackong event location

Privacy, GDPR and Track The Click

Track The Click does not record any personally identifiable information such as IP addresses. When tracking and recording a link click we record the following data:

  • External destination of link
  • Page or post where click occurred
  • Link anchor text
  • Time of click
  • Date of click

Help us improve

If you have suggestions for how we can improve the Track The Click plugin, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email and we might be able to implement your feedback!