Track The Click Pro

Our Premium version comes with two license options:

  • Single site license – $25 per year
  • Ten site license – $50 per year

The Pro version of Track The Click helps website owners to better understand their website traffic and links. It adds a number of additional Views to the interface, different ways of looking at your link and click data. The Pro version also comes with additional affiliate features for those who monetize their sites.

Pro features include:

  • Identify and track affiliate links
  • Rewrite links – auto remove rel=noreferrer from links
  • Optional ability to not track logged in users
  • COMING SOON. GA4 integration
  • COMING SOON. Rewrite links – auto add rel=sponsored to paid and affiliate links
  • COMING SOON. Auto affiliate disclosure – show automated disclosures next to your affiliate links
  • COMING SOON. Affiliate audit scan – find all the affiliate links on your site to review old pages and posts

Track The Click Pro

We also offer a paid version of Track The Click. The paid version offers tools for affiliates and marketers that build on the core of the plugin. At this time we’re offering the Pro version for $25 (single license) and $50 (ten domain license).